About A Heathen Thing

Our objective is:
To be an organization for all worshippers of the Germanic gods (i.e.: the Æsir and Vanir), however they may be worshipped or honored and by whatever names, and without regard to other memberships or affiliations. “Heathen(s)” is to be understood as referring to such people.

Rule #1:
No member is to claim that anyone or any group should not be heathen by reason of personal characteristics or origins, including but not limited to sexuality and race.

Rule #2:
No member is to claim that any form of worship of the Germanic gods or any religious practice is unacceptable to the gods or wrong for a heathen to perform.

Rule #3:
No member is to disparage the Germanic gods by claiming that they are anything other than gods, including that they are avatars of other gods, aspects of anyone or anything, or expressions of natural phenomena.

Rule #4:
Recognizing the rights of free speech and free association and pursuant to the organization’s purpose, the punishment for infractions against Rules 1, 2, and 3 shall not be expulsion from the organization, but recompense, scyld, or wergild, either monetary, in-kind, service, written apology, or some combination.

Rule #5:
In accordance with commonly recognized heathen ethics and for the preservation of the organization, any member who considers another member to be guilty of any act of serious moral turpitude shall be expected to make an open accusation of it so that the accused may defend himself or herself and so that the membership may be informed.